Fantastically Delicious Triple Chocolate Brownies


We are going to make delicious brownies using three different types of chocolates. Can you guess what would this yummy dessert recipe be? Yes, it is triple chocolate brownies. A cute smiling girl who wants to taste your triple chocolate brownies will join you in the kitchen and it is your responsibility to make her happy. Melt the dark chocolate and butter together to make the chocolate mixture and let it cool down. Meanwhile, in a large bowl add eggs, sugar, vanilla essence and mix well with the help of a hand-blender. Combine the chocolate mixture, sugar and eggs mixture together along with flour, salt, semisweet chocolate, white chocolate and mix them thoroughly. Pour the brownie mixture on the baking tray and bake it. After baking cut the brownies into squares and sprinkle icing sugar over it and finally decorate it with strawberries. When you are done, have a fab time serving it to the girl who is eagerly waiting to taste your delicious dessert.

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