Automatic shut-off device for fuel dispenser

An automatic shut-off device for a fuel dispenser giving a set quantity of fuel into a tank or the like. The device can release a handle member by means of the returning force of a spring so as to shut off a valve in the fuel pipe.

Petroleum or gasoline is rather flammable, and any negligence in handling it represents a fire hazard. Today, it is the tendency to operate a gas station automatically and by computer, and any possible problem concerning a safe operation must be considered because of the operator being not quite familiar with the dispenser. Particularly, after a given quantity of fuel has been filled into a tank, the flowing fuel has to be shut off definitely.

In view of the aforesaid facts, the inventor has, through repeated studies, developed a device in a dispenser that can automatically shut off the flowing fuel and can also sense the fuel level in a tank being filled. The device provides greater safety and higher convenience during operation.

This invention provides an automatic shut-off device, particularly an automatic device for a fuel dispenser. The feature of the dispenser is that a trigger means is mounted on the handle guard of the dispenser; and the trigger means is operatively coupled with a sensing means that can detect whether or not fuel is flowing. As soon as a given quantity of fuel is filled into a tank, the dispenser of the present invention will automatically turn to a shut-off position.

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