Quick Look At The Ebook Guy Gets Girl

For the men out there thinking of purchasing Guy Gets Girl but don’t know if they should, then this short review is just for you!

I was able to recently have a look at this book, which has 3 volumes to give it a quick review.

The thing that makes Guy Gets Girl unique is that it is written by a woman. This is a unique book as it is rare to find a woman who is wiling to teach men how to seduce other females! This is fantastic!

Guy Gets Girl gives you great information about how a woman’s mind works. The author spends a great deal of time explaining to the reader that to women, what they are feeling is the same as logical reasoning. Therefore, if a woman feels something, then she’ll have to act on that feeling. This will be the case even if they know the feelings they are getting are totally irrational and have no logic to back it up.

I guess it’s not a bad thing that women do not use logic when they are making decisions. This is because you’ll be able to learn from Tiffany, who teaches you how to use mind games to make a woman attracted to you by switching on attraction switches in her head.The theory goes like this, all you need to do is just turn on the attraction triggers in her head and you’ll be able to generate some attraction towards you.

Apart from teaching men how to infiltrate the minds of women, the ebook also reveals to you body language secrets and techniques so you can present yourself better in your interactions with women.

There are actually three volumes to the ebook and they are divided as:

* Guy Gets Girl For Beginners * Guy Gets Girl For Intermediate Readers * Guy Gets Girl For Advanced Players

You don’t really need to read them in that order, however sometimes you may need to refer to previous volumes if you don’t understand what the author is talking about at times.

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