Tips on Online Dress Up Games For Kids

If you have young girls in your family you are probably familiar with Bratz, the Barbie like dolls that claim to have a “passion for fashion”. Young girls of all ages love these fashionable dolls and all their clothes and accessories. The original Bratz dolls that were released in 2001 were named Cloe (also called Angel), Yasmin (also called Pretty Princess), Sasha (also called Bunny Boo) and Jade (also called Kool Kat). Barbie and Bratz dolls have a lot in common including their cool clothes.

Your child doesn’t have to have the actual Bratz dolls to be part of this trend. They can play online Bratz dress up games. There are many websites out there that let young girls dress and accessorize the Bratz dolls and have fun making up stories about them as they go along. It is good for young children to practice simple computer skills on these games and for older children to learn how to navigate to and operate online games.

These free online dress up games are a lot less costly than buying your children all the Bratz dolls and clothing to go with them. Your kids can safely enjoy these game with your blessing.

The Mya Online Dress Up Game

This game lets you choose clothes and accessories for Mya from a variety of styles. You can also change her hair to go with the outfit.

The Glitter Online Dress Up Game

This game lets children not only dress the online dolls but also rename them and if they have a parent’s permission they can also download the games so they are on their computer. They are encouraged to ask for parental permission, of course.

Fun Online Dress Up Games

Some of the online dress up game websites not only let you dress the dolls, you get to play with and dress animals as well so they can be as stylish as their owners. It is kind of like the Build-a-Bear experience where you pick out an outfit for your animal to complete their look.

Online Dress Up Games with Cool Backgrounds

Some of the more complex online dress up games go beyond dressing the dolls. They let you create a unique scene for the dolls to hang out in where you can choose the style of the room, the accessories, the food and drinks for the dolls and even more. You can use pre-designed themes or create your own unique rooms. You can find more information on these sites as to how this works.

More Bratz Online Dress Up Games

Bratz online games are available that let your children do more than dress the dolls and accessorize them. Some of the Bratz online games challenge your children to solve puzzles and mysteries which exercises their brains. They can play games like ones where they have to create interior design themes to go with a certain holiday or event which allows them to be creative. This is a fun game for young girls.

The online dress up Bratz games and the more complex Bratz games are enjoyed by children and even a few adults who find it a good way to pass the time.

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