Why free games are available?

It is always thring for parents to watch our child development,especialy in the first year!He or she will go from a newborn who only sleeps and eats to a baby who can laugh,who has the first teeth,who want to eat something while he or she find that you are eating,who can walk or crawls all over the room,who has the feeling of  happy and angry! Well,Once you bring home your baby,you would develope and company with your baby,too! I have a four-month-old baby,like many other mom, i am taking care of  her day and night,i am happy although sometimes it’s boring and tired,i am satisfied and happy! it is true! It is amazing that i find the appearance of my baby is always changing! Both of my relatives and friends said she looks like my husband,but some days later,she looked like her grandmother,it is interesting,isn’t it?
Today when i have a walk with my baby,some young mothers and babysitters told me the skin of my baby is a bit black,they said she looks like Pou! Pou? Yes,it is! You know Pou is a very lovely alien charater that resembles a triangular potato, i know it when i visited my sister in law last year,my nephew was playing online games in the internet,there is a Pou character there,i thought that triangular potato is very interesting,he needs to be fed, cleaned, exercised, and put to sleep.In thoes Pou games,we just like parents,pou like baby,we need to take care of him,also need make him happy.In fact,there are numerous people who cannot afford going out to a casino or to a gaming club to relax themselves,even some parents don’t allow their children to go outsite for playing game,they thought their children would be addicted to games easily because they can’t give a good judgement when seclecting games,also those games need spend a lot of money and energy,too!
I think it is the reason that why so many free games are available on the internet and people from all the corners of the world and people of all ages can accept online games and love them! For toddlers for example,they can leran shapes and colors and improve their hand-eye coordination;for larger school kids ,they can learn puzzle,math,spelling or word from the internet without making it a burden,those related games could bring our children in challenge for their young minds,and thoese games are always not been connected,they are independent,in this way , children would not indulge in games of course,they can play away from the computer after finishing a game! For our adult,I think it is a good entertainment opportunity that help us to forget our daily stress!

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