Bratz Baby Day Care


The Bratz were babies at one point and they needed as much care as any other baby. They used to go to this wonderful day care that would cater to all their needs, and today you are going to play the role of the care taker and see if you could pull it off. Just give each Bratz baby whatever they ask for, by dragging the item to them from the bottom of the screen. They will probably ask for toys or food. Don’t let too much time pass before giving the baby what they need, because their bar will fill up and they will start to cry. If this happens or if the time is up, you lose the game. In the bottom left corner of the screen you can see your score and your goal and in the upper middle part of the screen you can keep an eye on the timer. Good luck and enjoy!

  Free to play bratz baby day care game on dress up games 8 that was built for girls and boys. bratz baby day care is very fun,play it quickly!
How To Play:
Click on "Play" button or the above game picture to play, make sure your browser allow popup. After you click "Play" or "Start" there is a window popup, have fun!